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The Soft Science of Finding the Right Fit


Building an aligned team will be one of the most rewarding projects in the lifecycle of your business. Surrounding yourself and your employees with talented, interested, and forward-thinking teammates is an everyday gift. Like all things worth doing, it's worth doing right–and doing it right isn't easy.

A too-slow hiring process has consequences; missed deadlines, decreased morale, and a higher likelihood of turnover. Long talent search protocols are tempting; patience seems like a path to a better match, but teams run a significant risk by waiting for 'perfect.'

Finding the right fit

Stuck between the need to rush and the instinct to wait, employers ask the same question: why aren't we finding the right fit? This article will explore that perennial pain point and share strategies to help you expand your team with employees who feel like the missing piece.

Better Together: The Value of a Recruitment Partner

Talent attraction is a multi-step process. A recruitment partner like Beyond TalentEdge can help you hire with speed and precision through a few key value-adds:

Need awareness – Our talent attraction professionals bring a nuanced understanding of the role, its technical and intangible responsibilities, and its ideal candidate profile. They can communicate those nuances to candidates without confusion or misalignment.

Industry benchmarking – It's our job to keep an on-the-ground awareness of market trends, benefit offerings, and salary standards. We provide employers with an up-to-date understanding of what makes an offer competitive.

Candidate reach – Our talent attraction professionals have an expansive network of qualified candidates who are out of sight to other employers. We don't rely on traditional job boards or inundated channels to get the word out.

Trust – Our team has an established reputation with top talent. We quickly connect, foster interest, and earn their commitment to the process.

Diversity – We have tried and true solutions for expanding access to opportunity and reaching candidates across different educational, socio-economic, racial, gender, age, and belief backgrounds.

Our recruitment professionals have spent their careers developing all of the above. When you partner with Beyond TalentEdge, you take the strain of the search off of your plate. We help you identify, reach, and hire your right-fit candidate (and skip the team-defeating wait).


Making Post-Hire Alignment a Priority

After working with your partner to define the need and develop an ideal candidate profile, extend that clarity to your internal team. Having clear goals and expectations for your new hire will make all the difference in your onboarding process. And to foster a long-term right fit, onboarding is everything.

The Society for Human Resource Management found 69% of employees who have positive onboarding experiences stay with the company for at least three years. When your management team is aligned, the new hire can see a clear path to meeting their expectations. Internal goal alignment means the employee can go to anyone with a question, benefit from consistent and well-defined performance goals, and better understand the company's larger project. That awareness will foster a sense of meaning and purpose in their work. Consider the employees who have found fulfillment and purpose in your organization. What behaviors did they demonstrate early? Where did they find value in their onboarding? Look for systems to offer more of what works and measure how that changes your short- and long-term employee retention.


Finding Consistency in Your Hiring Strategy

Nurturing the 'perfect' employee-employer fit is a process, and your progress will compound if you continue to surround your team with high-level talent. At Beyond TalentEdge, we collaborate with the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce, the region's largest and most influential business advocacy organization. This partnership allows us to leverage their expertise and offer resources across other HR functions, from consulting to training and development. A designated Recruiting Specialist works on-site with your leadership team and helps you develop a master talent plan to organize your next hiring steps.


After 40+ years of candidate engagement and industry partnerships, we know how to reach and engage the 'hidden' talent that will take your team to the next level. Tell us your perfect–our experts will find it–and let's keep building your dream team!