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For an economy to remain stable, it needs to have a healthy financial sector. This sector comprises a broad range of industries including banks, investment companies, insurance companies, and real estate firms. This sector is one of the most essential parts of our economy. As the regulation of practices in this sector continues to grow and become increasingly complex, it is imperative that industries follow strict guidelines when vetting new hires.

Our talent acquisition services are able to help you find qualified individuals to fill any open roles within your organization. Background Screenings for this industry are often more in-depth than other sectors and are extremely valuable. Beyond TalentEdge will help you create a customized screening and staffing package that complies with all the complicated state and federal laws while also ensuring you are hiring the best candidates.

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Recommended background screening searches for the financial industry:
  • Social Security Number Check
  • Credit check (lists balances, past due amounts, civil suits, bankruptcies, accounts in collection)
  • Professional License Verification
  • Federal Statewide Criminal Search
  • OIG, OFAC, Sanctions & Debarred List
  • Past Employment Verification
  • Academic Verification
Commonly placed job titles in the financial services industry:
  • Bookkeeping
  • AP Clerk
  • AR Clerk
  • Cost / Staff Accountants
  • Payroll