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November Highlights: Greater Rochester’s Top 100 Fast-Growing Businesses

At Beyond TalentEdge, we love coming together in community with other business leaders, connecting teams to great talent, and watching them grow and succeed. There’s no better place for us to do that than sitting in a wonderfully crowded Floreano Convention Center, surrounded by 1,500 business and community leaders in the Greater Rochester and Finger Lakes region, celebrating our community’s fastest-growing, privately-owned businesses for their work in 2023. 

Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce, our parent company, hosted this event which was a testament to the power of a great team. Full of vibrancy, lights, and confetti, the convention center was buzzing. Every announcement of the top 100 companies was met with enthusiastic applause–a peer-to-peer environment full of support, recognition, and respect. 

GreenSpark Solar, Black Button Distilling, and Conifer Realty led the list, exemplifying innovation and growth in their respective fields. GreenSpark Solar made significant strides in renewable energy adoption within our Rochester community and at large. Black Button Distilling–crafts of craft spirits–expanded its distribution and product range, and Conifer Realty continues to bring excellence into local real estate development projects. Along with other honorees, the teams who took the stage represented a diversity of industries and projects and a shared commitment to innovation.

“Beyond TalentEdge was extremely excited to support and be at the 2023 Greater Rochester Chamber Top 100 Awards celebration,” our Director, Ferah Roman, reflected. “This opportunity to connect with over 1,500 changemakers from the fastest-growing companies in Greater Rochester is something we are proud to be a part of. Great companies cannot grow without great people. Beyond TalentEdge is a true partner, empowering the growth of the fastest growing companies and celebrating the synergy between talent and success in Greater Rochester.”

As a Supporting Sponsor, we had the opportunity to play an important role in the event. Our team hosted a vendor table during the reception, offering insights into talent acquisition and management to some of the fastest-growing companies in the area. We loved engaging with each recipient after the ceremony, hearing about their 2023 and what they had in store for 2024. We firmly believe that growth depends on great people, and that was a sentiment we saw reflected in every business leader we met. 

The success of the Top 100 Businesses is a source of inspiration, growth, talent, and innovation in the Greater Rochester area. Their achievements uplift the local economy and inspire our collective business ecosystem to push to expand and succeed, driving job opportunities, improving community development, and contributing to the world of work in Rochester, New York, that we all know and love. 

It was a night of music, confetti, memorable connections, and inspiring missions–memories we’ll carry closely into the new year. We’re excited to continue supporting the growth of Rochester’s best companies and bridge the gaps between talent and success region-wide.