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The Three "C's" For A Better Resume

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When is the last time you updated your resume? It’s easy to overlook this task and use the same template over and over again. The reality is that your resume is one of the strongest tools you have to market yourself and unlock new opportunities. 

According to Indeed, a hiring manager or recruiter is likely only going to spend six to seven seconds looking at each resume. Readability and professionalism are key!

Don’t worry – here at Beyond TalentEdge, we see thousands of resumes a week. We’re here to help with a few key tips to make your resume stand out amongst hundreds of applicants. Read on for the three “C’s” we recommend: Categorization, Conciseness, and Consistency.

Keep it Categorized

Before you begin creating or editing your resume, understand the key categories an employer will scan for. At a minimum, every resume should include the following:

  1. Contact
  2. Experience
  3. Education
  4. Skills

Keep it Concise

In the case of a resume, less can be more. Think about quality over quantity. While you may have a variety of experience with different jobs and employers, only including the best, most relevant examples will help you catch the reader’s attention. Review the expected responsibilities and requirements and be sure that your ability to meet and exceed those expectations is evident. There are also ways to remove redundancy in your descriptions. For example, the phrase “Managed a team of sales colleagues in order to help the company achieve quarterly goal of $500,000” can be rewritten as “Managed sales team to accomplish quarterly goal of $500,000.”

Keep it Consistent

When you begin to layout out your resume, determine a font that looks professional (Times New Roman and Calibri are great choices). Make sure that this font is used throughout the entire document. You will also need to determine how you’d like to format each of your positions. Feel free to use the sample below for inspiration.

Title - Location Organization Description #1 Description #2 Description #3 (1)